Nicholas and the Wild Ones


Exactly how do you deal with a bunch of Wild Ones on your first day at school? Gramps thinks that putting up your fists ought to sort them out. But Nicholas has a plan all of his own. What will that be?

Also available in Afrikaans | isiXhosa | isiZulu



How do you deal with a bunch of wild ones on your fitrst day at school? Nicholas is faced with a gang of bullies including Big Charlie, Mean Jake, Wedgie Reggie and, worst of all, their girl leader, Cindy Crocker. But through a combination of artistic talent and inventiveness, Nicholas eventually wins the admiration of the wild ones and makes a surprising new friend. A fantastic picture story book about bullying, problem-solving and friendship from multi-award-winning author-illustrator Niki Daly.

Also available in Afrikaans

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English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu


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